Sunday, July 6, 2014

Bike N Hike | Whittier Mills and Crest Lawn Cemetery

from West Midtown

15 mile bike ride
1+ mile hike


This part of town is super hilly, so be prepared for that.

The Perry Blvd. route was much hillier, but I expect that the Marietta Blvd. route has much heavier and faster traffic at certain days and times. On this Saturday, I preferred the Marietta Blvd. route, but I suspect that sometimes I would prefer the Perry route.


As Jonah said, the trails can be overgrown in summer. I guess I was only able to hike a small segment of the trails, because the trailhead for the Northeastern trails looked like the above. No way I was going in there in the middle of summer! According to Jonah, you can do about 3 miles of trails normally, but I only managed to do about 1.


Since I was riding right by, I figured I'd drop into Crest Lawn Cemetery. Talk about hills! This place is incredibly, insanely hilly, but it's also pretty cool to be so high above the city.

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