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  1. So instead of hours of yardwork, I decided to treat myself to a bike ride to Stone Mtn and back( from Grant Park). ...
    Cut through East Atlanta on Glenwood Ave and then cut across to Hosea Williams via Clifton Rd. You could go Maynard Terrace but I like to avoid the I-20 on ramps. On Hosea I go a couple blocks and take a left on Roger St. I go down to Pullman Yard and jump on that bike path which connects to Howard St/ College Ave. (Note that the Pullman Bike Path is not really intended for road tires... I guess i'm just a gambler. Oh and there is a gravel parking lot that you have to navigate through to add a little excitement so be ready to steady yourself.) Once on College Ave it's a short distance to reach Rocky Ford Rd. NEVER GIVE UP mural on marta/train underpass let's you know you've reached the Stone Mtn Trail! Go under the overpass and you are on your way to that big rock.:)